Time Sawyer: Headed Home

time sawyer headed home

Time Sawyer, a North Carolina Americana folk band, have released their latest album titled Headed Home. The perfect record to listen to on a country drive, Time Sawyer’s new album offers songs for everyone, ranging from acoustic campfire jams, to hard hitting rock and roll.  The first song, Untitled Traveler, is an acoustic song that wraps up the group’s appeal in nearly three minutes. Starting off with an acoustic guitar with heartfelt vocals, the song has a slight bluegrass feel, while still keeping with the simplicity of folk music, which pulls you in from the very start.

Tunes like Annabelle Please, about a relationship that has disintegrated, are relatable folk tunes that fans old and new will love. What is so great about Time Sawyer is that they seem to thrive on writing simple relatable songs that fans will not be able to get enough of. Fans will also be able to draw parallels between folk influenced groups such as Mumford and Sons and The Avett Brothers, since both groups have both a passion and ability that is alluring, while making their music stand out from the pack. From listening to Headed Home, Time Sawyer will hopefully be able to make their mark on the music industry soon, graduating from coffee shop gigs to an opening band slot with bands in their genre.

Each time listeners hear Headed Home they will be consistently reminded of the hard work and effort that the band has put in in order to make their record a great success.  Time Sawyer is currently on the road promoting Headed Home in coffee shops around the country.


Dylan Sneed: Texodus

texodus dylan sneed

Dylan Sneed’s 2010 release Texodus is a folk album tinged with rough edges and beauty that will make Sneed’s audience fall in love with his songs, as he is dedicated to his new found career and true calling: playing music for all who will listen.  After abandoning the corporate world in Dallas, TX in 2006, Sneed took on the unpredictable career path of an independent musician, and with Texodus, he has shown that he has the drive and grit to succeed no matter what the cost.

Texodus, the opening song is a warm folk tune with a light snare drum and vocals at the forefront. With this opening number, Sneed invites listeners to pull up a chair and become fully engrossed in his music. The Garden, a slow ballad, which shows that simplicity is best when composing a song. With beautiful and rich harmonies throughout, The Garden is sure to be a hit among fans.

The tune Selfish Boy is an upbeat song that is great for dancing, as it provides skillful musical ability with vocals that are sure to please.  While Dylan Sneed’s success is slowing coming to the surface, Texodus is sure to be a hit several years after its release. Currently, Sneed has a Kickstarter Campaign to promote Texodus at radio stations around the globe, as well as funding his next European tour.

Chords of Truth

Chords of Truth promotional photo

Chords of Truth promotional photo

Chords of Truth’s EP Reflections of Reality is a solid set of acoustic folk songs that contain powerful lyrics and wonderful vocal abilities which suit the serious-but-fun mood that the band is trying to express. While the guitar parts are pretty straightforward, songwriter and lead singer Jason Garriotte has the vocal and lyrical abilities to stand out amongst the crowd.

The first song, “Tune Your Mind,” has a simplistic guitar part that displays Jason’s influences, Simon and Garfunkel and Peter, Paul, and Mary. The lyrics make this song. The song opens “Throughout history there has been ideas about how it all began/ What plane we have all come from/ And our existence from now on.” As the song plays on, it seems that Jason has taken tremendous care to ensure that his listeners get something out of the song, perhaps a reflective nature.

“Pop or Soda” is a fun song, allowing the listener to take a breather from the serious nature of the first half of the EP. This song displays one of the more complex guitar parts of all of the songs, allowing Garriotte’s playing to shine.

The EP ends with “What Life Is About.” The beautiful intro shows the talent and depth of Jason’s guitar playing. This song is probably the best song on the album, and deserves earlier placement on the record to mix things up a bit more.

Jason Garriotte’s Chords of Truth allows a singer/songwriter to shine. Catch Jason on tour starting in March of 2013, when he will release multiple remix albums of Reflections of Reality.