Artists To Watch in 2013

gold fields

Gold Fields

Australian band Gold Fields are going to make a huge impression in 2013.  Formed in 2010, their electronic-dance influenced pop sound is catchy with musical and vocals skills to match.  Originally from Ballarat, Victoria, the group is currently on an American tour to introduce the world to their unique sound which fuses 1980’s pop, dance, and techno music to create a new sound that is unparalleled among other bands today. The band will also be getting exposure at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas in March.

Their song Dark Again kicks off with electronic sounds that sounds like it would be an excellent fit in the dance clubs while adding pop elements. Another tune titled Happy Boy is an electronic symphony of sounds that mixes techno, bits of disco, and some bongo drums to give more of a tribal beat. The mix of sounds that emerges from Happy Boy will not disappoint listeners. The group’s interesting take on music will hopefully steer the band towards much success.

Their debut album Black Sun will be released on iTunes February 26th in the United States and Canada, and March 8th in Australia and New Zealand.


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